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Low carbon energy from waste

Established in 2008, Waste2Tricity is a structured solutions provider to the energy-from-waste (EfW) sector, an industry supplying increasing amounts of electricity using feedstock diverted from landfill.

  • The article correctly states plastic bags can be converted to hydrogen, however it must be noted that the system can convert all un-recyclable plastics.
  • W2T is not the owner of the technology but is the exclusive developer for certain countries, including the UK and Japan, for the PowerHouse Energy Group (AIM PHE) DMG system.
  • The company is commencing commercial discussions with Toyota but there is no agreement in place as yet.
  • 25 tonnes of un-recyclable plastic could power a family hydrogen car for 160,000 miles as well as producing surplus electricity for grid export.

Waste2Tricity works with clients and partners to develop, fund and support EfW deployment projects that use proven technology, are profitable and progressive; projects that currently use high temperature gasification and either steam cycle or internal combustion engines/gas turbines (ICEs/GTs) to efficiently convert waste to energy.

The use of high temperature gasification means today's projects are future proofed, adaptable to allow separation of hydrogen from the gas (Syngas) produced. This means that not only can hydrogen Fuel Cells be used, and so become both more efficient and Carbon Capture Ready, but help the hydrogen economy develop through contributing to the establishment of a distributed hydrogen supply network. View our current development programmes »

Waste2Tricity's commitment; to deliver commercial projects - future proofed - through a combination of technologies that are proven, profitable and progressive. A winning combination, already attracting key industry and equity partners. Find out more about Waste2tricity »