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Creating electricity and road fuel hydrogen from unrecyclable plastics

Established in 2008, Waste2Tricity is a structured solutions provider to the energy-from-waste sector.

Mission – to maximise financial returns from ethical disposal of wastes


  • To develop, construct and operate Powerhouse Energy DMG systems
  • The technology is exclusively licenced in the UK, Japan, Korea (as of 31st September 2018) to W2T by Powerhouse Energy Group PLC
  • Proven Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT)
  • Generate power with the option (Stage 2) to make road fuel quality hydrogen
  • Address the problem of unrecyclable mixed plastics by an environmentally sound method

Stage 1

  • Develop a programme of scrap plastic to electrical power & heat plants
  • Offer an economic use for separated unrecyclable plastic
  • Increase throughput of incinerators by reducing feedstock CV
  • Improving MBT and AD profitability by dealing with residual plastics

Stage 2

  • As hydrogen demand grows from car, truck & bus fleets & private drivers
  • Upgrade suitable plants by adding a PSA to extract road fuel quality hydrogen
  • Size, efficiency & cost give low carbon, low price, distributed hydrogen