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Waste2tricity Thailand

Waste2tricity Ltd, through its majority owned subsidiary Waste2tricity International (Thailand) Ltd, plans a multiple project deployment, using the Westinghouse Plasma technology, throughout Thailand. To support this programme an office has been established in Bangkok with local staff. Thailand is W2T's first international market and was chosen because of the Thai government's active support of green energy and also the issues the country has been facing of insufficient power and excess waste – offering both a ready supply of feedstock and a guaranteed market for electricity. Waste2tricity International (Thailand) Ltd is working with local partners to locate and secure the sites and waste streams to support a project pipeline and are ready to propel our first project forward – building the first commercial plasma gasification system in the ASEAN region.

As in the UK the first project will combine Westinghouse Plasma technology with ICE's or gas turbine but the viral technology of combining plasma gasification with AFC Energy's fuel cell has caused genuine excitement in the Thai waste to energy industry and in the near future will be incorporated into a project.

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A G65 Westinghouse Plasma gasifier en route to Air Products UK site, similar gasifiers are intended for use in projects already under negotiation in Thailand.