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What technology do we use?

Waste2Tricity and PHE Energy have entered a Co-operation Agreement for W2T to act as PHE's exclusive development partner in the UK and parts of SE Asia.


Process diagram

Technical advantages

  • High conversion efficiency and high syngas purity
  • Focused on mixed unrecyclable plastics
  • End of waste (classified as a new marketable product) syngas produces fewer pollutants than using natural gas
  • All hazardous materials extracted safely and disposed of appropriately
  • Enables low carbon, low cost distributed hydrogen for future use in road vehicles

Financial advantages

  • Greater efficiencies in gross generating capacity from plastic to power
  • Integrated power system shows high IRR
  • Substantially higher returns in valorising waste plastic than any other method
  • In advanced discussions with EPC providers for process wrap & guarantee, supporting bankability of the technology.


  • ACT (Advanced Conversion Technology) using Thermal Conversion Chamber
  • Everything Gasifies at > 850 °C
  • Low level of residues
  • Proven components
  • Unique operating conditions to produce energy rich syngas (synthetic gas similar to natural gas)
  • Stage 1, syngas cleaned to generate electricity to local grid
  • Stage 2, syngas cleaned and hydrogen extracted to road fuel quality 99.999%
  • Stage 2, non hydrogen syngas used to generate electricity to local grid
  • Heat available for local distribution
  • Self sustaining in operation